25 HVAC 2 Story Split AC Systems

June 13

Beginning June 2015, we embarked our greatest adventure yet in any housing authority.. Bright Construction had to demo existing closets & widened each one so  there was sufficent chase for downstairs ductwork to be added.

It took 2 systems to get our brains wrapped around it, but we are now very confident that we will meet our mid-August deadline!

Some of it’s difficulties include:

New duct chase for downstairs ducts interfering with vent piping thru ridged metal roof (the old wall heaters we removed were where we had to also run down our duct chase from the upstairs new HVAC closet); the problem this gave us was that new duct was interfering with proper venting due to very low attic space; plus the architect designed the closets too shallow for proper combustion air.

Kinks are now worked out & excited about the challenge & triumph, lol!


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